• Font loading strategy: The acceptable FOIT

    Custom web fonts have been around for almost 10 years now, yet we still don’t have an optimal way to implement them on our websites. The current font rendering behaviour across browsers is poor and inconsistent, and we as web developers are left with a bunch of workarounds if we want to fix it. This involves the use of […]

  • Responsive images and how to implement them in WordPress

    It’s 2017 and at this point, it is fair to say that we have enough browser support for responsive images. All modern browsers have good support now. In fact, you might not even need a polyfill anymore, unless you absolutely need responsive behaviour in IE11, android browsers 4.x or Opera mini. Personally, I’m happy to […]

  • Striped balloons. A fade between the work window in Cinema 4D, and the final render.

    One month with Cinema 4D

    I recently took a month off work to learn 3D. I wanted a little break from webdesign, and with the girlfriend out of town this was a unique chance for me to dive in to the world of 3D — something that I have been wanting to do for a while now. In this post […]