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Ta’ Fat om Dansen

Ta’ Fat Om Dansen ( Translates ‘Grab the dance’) is a cross-regional dance collective that offers “inspiring dance activities for everybody”. They expect to reach thousands of people around all of Denmark, and is the largest dance project to ever be initiated in the country. Their new website encompasses 6 regional dance teams and presents 4 different dance initiatives.

About the project

I worked with the design agency Lower East, helping them transform their fixed-width desktop design into a fully responsive website. Based on their visual design and the desktop layout they provided, we worked out the most optimal versions for mobile and tablets. The front page is based on a fairly complex grid with elements that are not naturally suitable for mobile. Some of these were broken up into different layouts on smaller devices. This results in a site that is easy to navigate even though it contains a huge amount of content with 4 levels of navigation.