Package Design

Grød / 7-Eleven

In March 2014, the Danish porridge-bar GRØD launched their first 2 variants of their award-winning instant porridge cup in more than 150 7-Eleven stores. The cup proved very popular, selling more than 100,000 cups in the first year. A third variant launched early 2015 and was translated for the Dutch market to appear in more than 600 stores across Holland.

Package design for GRØD's instant porridge

Having worked with GRØD before, I was aware of the unique brand that GRØD has been building since it first opened in 2011. This product was the first product to be sold outside of GRØD’s own stores, and it was important to maintain the brand and it’s values while standing out, yet fitting in on the shelves at 7eleven.

We moved away from the typical photograph-based instant porridge that has been seen before and landed on a simpler 4-color print that clearly communicates the different variants by contrasting background colours. The cups are now more often referred to by their colour than what’s in them.

Promotion poster from 7-eleven including the instant porridge cups.