Visual identity

Brødflov Bakery

Identity design for Brødflov, an organic bakery in Copenhagen. The project includes logos, custom icons, business cards, loyalty cards, shopping bags and packaging for products sold at the bakery and in 7-Eleven stores across Denmark.

Brødflov's Logo. Brødflov is an organic bakery in Copenhagen.

About the project

Brødflov bakery provides honest, fresh and 100% organic stonebaked sourdough bread from their single store in the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen.

The keywords that I wanted to focus on for Brødflov’s identity included authenticity, high-quality, old craft, hand-made, organic, local & caring.

I wanted the branding to be in clear contrast to the many mass-producing bakery chains in Copenhagen. The logo text and typography brings a simple nostalgic aesthetic, while the bread icon communicates the rustic look of a crispy home-baked sourdough loaf. The icon-set takes that same approach, highlighting the imperfections in structure while being simple enough to use on wooden signs and maintain legibility at small print sizes.

Since the bakery opened in 2013, Brødflov has come to represent “bread with a conscience”. The bakery itself is running on 100% green energy and all the ingredients are 100% organic. This is the concept that 7-eleven bought into when they decided to sell a range of Brødflov’s products in all of their Danish stores in 2016.

Logo Loaf
Sourdough bread
Napoleons hat, pastry
Coffee beans
Martin Daniali (right) and a baker outside of Brødflov's store on Frederiksberg, Copenhagen.
Brødflov's own recycle logo. Sustainability is important to Brødflov, so we created custom branding to use when communicating about it.
Logo variant for Brødflov's ice cream.
Brødflov's business card design.
Baker at work.